Get the most out of your pool in the 2024 season with the use of Interior Pool and Spa's pool opening services performed by our trained professionals. Book a pool opening in the Kelowna area with our service department and let us do all the work to make your swimming pool ready for the summer! Book your pool opening sooner rather than later. Should any problems arise, or if extra care is needed, we can get you help so you are ready to use your pool when the nice days arrive!

Our Base Pool Opening Service includes:
  • Remove winter plugs and install eyeballs
  • Assemble all pool equipment and install plugs
  • Install ladder(s) and grab rail(s) 
  • Prime pump and start pool circulating
  • Check system for leaks
  • Add start up chemicals (Chemicals are not included in base price)
Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system. We actively check our online requests, someone will get back to you as soon as they can.  If you would like to speak to our maintenance / service department call 250-868-4831. We look forward to helping you with the 2024 pool season!