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With over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year, Kelowna is the ideal location for a backyard swimming pool.  The choices are endless with in-ground vinyl liner pools, in-ground fibreglass pools, on-ground and above-ground pools.  Our pool building experts will help you decide which pool best fits your needs.

Vinyl Liner Pools

If you want a custom-designed pool that suits your lifestyle and the needs of your family without the expense of a concrete-formed pool, a vinyl liner pool may be perfect for you.  Unlike a fiberglass pool, vinyl liners can be customized into any shape or depth. So whether you want an ‘L’ shaped pool, a classic Roman, a Grecian; a vinyl liner pool will fit the bill.

Vinyl liner pools are engineered to standards and consist of several components including steel walls, braces and a custom-made vinyl liner.   All surfaces on a vinyl liner are smooth to the touch and cannot crack like a concrete pool.  They never need repainting and are easy to maintain.

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Fiberglass Pools

Interior Pool & Spa is proud to be the Okanagan’s exclusive dealer of Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools.  Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools is dedicated to the concept that a pool should have lasting beauty and be easy to maintain without costly repairs. As leaders in the swimming pool manufacturing industry, Blue Hawaiian keeps abreast of new materials and the latest technologies.

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools are made from state-of-the art composite technology. Since the first fiberglass products were produced in the mid-’50s, fiberglass led a quiet revolution in the construction of swimming pools, and has become the choice of today’s swimming pool buyer.

Even today, varying degrees of quality exist in the manufacture of fiberglass pools. Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools is proud of its national recognition for its attention to detail, its use of the finest materials, its composite technology in production, and its staff of dedicated craftspeople.

Unlike concrete pools, Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools never need resurfacing (repainting, replastering or remarciting) or liner replacement like vinyl-liner pools. Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools are also 17 times stronger than concrete pools, while still exhibiting a superb flexible strength and enhanced flexibility; enabling its pools to withstand unstable soil conditions and the pressures resulting from excessive changes in temperatures.

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