Designing a Pool: What You Need to Consider

In-ground pools are a popular spot to seek refuge in during those long Kelowna summer days but it must be noted that having a pool designed for your backyard comes with a few things to consider.

  • Zoning: Similar to home building or construction, the installation of an in-ground pool is subject to certain regulations.
  • Building Permit: Prior to beginning work of any kind, you must apply for a permit.
  • Codes must be met: These include security for fencing of the property and pool barriers
  • Siting: Consideration must be given to the actual placement of the pool. Slope, property lines, weather, obstacles (telephone and electrical wires, sewer lines, trees, septic tanks) are just a few things that must be addressed when designing and building a pool. It is also recommended that whenever possible, there’s a clear vantage point from the house for safety purposes.

It’s always best to speak with one of our professionals before diving head-first into the installation of a pool. If you are interested in upping your summer fun with a custom-designed pool, visit us in store at 1920 Kent Road in Kelowna, BC.