What to Know About Swimming Pool Fences - Kelowna, BC

What to Know About Swimming Pool Fences
November 15/2019

The warm weather is here and the pool is open, but is your swimming pool up to code and are you taking the proper precautions?

Swimming Pool Fences
Swimming pool fences are not only key to keeping your pool safe when you are not around, they are also, in many cases, the law. Whether you purchase a house with a pool or already own a swimming pool, fences are a must.

Understand Local Rules
Check your local regulations concerning your swimming pool fence.  Different areas have different regulations that you need to be aware of.  Did you know many insurance companies also require you to own a swimming pool enclosure in order to be properly insured?

Taking Care of Your Pool Fence
The beginning and end of the swimming pool season, when your are opening or closing your pool is the perfect time to inspect the fences for breaks, openings or other flaws. Now is the time to repair or contact your installer for repairs or other alterations.

Use an Experienced Professional
It is worth it to do your homework. As we started already different municipalities have different regulations, but generally there are three options: Glass, mesh and aluminium.

When your ready to install your pool fencing, contact us. We have all the experience you need to make your swimming area safe and secure. Remember, we do this all the time so we already know your local regulations and understand that you want this to look as perfect as it is safe.


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