We Sell Hut Tubs made in Canada - Kelowna, BC

We Sell Hut Tubs made in Canada
January 23/2023

Hot Tubs Made in Canada!

January 19th  , 2023 by Brandon Eikel

Interior Pool and Spa is a long standing dealer of spa’s and pools in Kelowna , BC. Many customers are out there enjoying the spa’s we have provided the. Our goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service and products to our customers! In this post we are going to talk about our spa’s being built in Canada and some of the benefits of our hot tub brands. A big selling point for our hot tubs is they are made in Canada, and we are proud of that! Consumers do typically wonder what that really means, and it can be somewhat misleading.

The major part of building a hot tub is manufacturing all the components that make up the equipment, which includes fittings, plumbing, etc. A common question we get “Are all these components made in Canada?” No, hot tub parts manufacturing is global. The parts that make up the final product are fabricated all over the world. 

“Does this mean I’m getting a sub-standard tub and parts?” Absolutely not! All parts that make up a spa in North America are manufactured according to North American specifications. A high-quality hot tub company will specify high quality parts. Our manufacturers They tell the factories how they would like the parts to be built, and what materials to use according to North American standards. Once the parts are finished, they are shipped to their local facilities to be put together. North American assembly factories put the components together, but not before a facilities quality control and assurance department makes sure they’ve conforming parts. This is what makes a good hot tub vs a bad hot tub. 

“What do the Canadian workers do?” Canadian workers make sure everything is put together properly with no short cuts! Their attention to detail for putting together a quality hot tub is the difference maker!

How We Buy Hot Tubs
Interior Pool and Spa is apart of the International Pool Group, and we only buy from accredited dealers from within. We meet with them on a yearly basis and have a personal relationship with them. We want to supply you with a quality product, and we know our suppliers want to supply you with a quality product. The suppliers back their products with incredible warranties. Rest easy when you purchase a hot tub with us. You will be taken care of.

Our Hot Tub Brands 
If you are in the market for a hot tub in Kelowna, British Columbia I really think you’ll like what we have to offer. We carry BestLife and Freestyle spas, both made in Canada. Their parent company Sunrise Spas falls under the Jacuzzi umbrella. You can rest assured you are lounging in a high-quality hot tub that is priced very well.
We do have stock on hand. If you’re a customer who wants something more custom, we can help with that too. It takes 6-8 weeks to get a custom tub delivered to you!
Below I am going to make some recommendations that’ll make your buying experience one to remember!

BestLife Hot Tubs , if you click the link it will take you to the BestLife website where you can design your Hot Tub in 3D. the BestLife truly is a luxury tub that creates an amazing backyard experience. The BestlLife tubs feature amazing jet packages, lights, speakers, digital displays, UV systems, ozonators. They provide a great 3D experience on their website. Once finished on the BestLife website you can head over to our website Interior Pool and Spa Build My Own Spa tool and input the details into our Spa Builder. This gives us an idea of what you are looking for. We’ll reach out to the supplier to get a quote for you. Once put together we can meet and discuss your choices and make sure you are satisfied. Then we can get you that new spa you’ve been dreaming of!

Freestyle Hot Tubs – This will take you to the Freestyle website where you can also design your Hot Tub in 3D. Freestyle is a recreational hot tub brand that also offers many upgrades ! Use their 3D builder to have a look at what you want then head over to our website Interior Pool and Spa Build My Own Spa tool and input the details into our Spa Builder! We will be notified that you have built your own spa. Then we will get working on a quote for you and be in contact shortly!

Skip the online and want to come right in to the store?
You can come on it anytime! Fill out one of the forms on our website or send us an email to admin@interiorpoolandspa.com to schedule an appointment! You are also always welcome to come on in. You will be greeted by someone in store and shown around!

After Your Purchase
Woohoo, we’ve made a deal, you’re excited to get your new tub and are planning your times of fun and relaxation!  One more step before we get you that tub. Once you’ve made your purchase, we will get your tub delivered to you. For yards with easy access, we will put the tub right where you want it. If you require a crane we will help organize this for you as well and our delivery team will help get it in place. If you have electrical needs we work with a reputable electrical company. If you need the help just ask and we will do our best to help you get you in that tub soaking as soon as possible.
We also have a very responsive service team to take care of any warranty issues should they arise and a maintenance team that can look after your spa so you don’t have to!  Free water tests can be done at our store located at 1920 Kent Road, to keep track of you water over time. This helps show manufacturers that you’ve been looking after your spa in case of warranty issues.

Don’t want to take care of your spa? No problem, we have an experience maintenance team that will come to your home and balance your water chemistry, deliver chemicals, clean and keep you aware of any troubles your spa may have! Sign up here with a general inquiry and our team will reach out to you.

Social Media 
Monthly giveaways for pool and spa! Enter our giveaways by finding the links on Facebook and Instagram! 

Online Shopping
Shop conveniently from your phone or computer . Interior Pool and Spa is offering delivery options from Lake Country to Peachland. Receive your order same or next day depending on the time of your order. Free delivery on orders over $ 100 . 
Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you in the store!

Brandon Eikel
Part Owner
Interior Pool and Spa
1920 Kent Road, Kelowna BC


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