Cold Weather? Hot Tubs!

Image: Chalet Bellvarde, via

If we know one thing in Canada, it’s that the fun doesn’t have to end just because there’s snow on the ground.


When winter comes to Interior Pool & Spa, we don’t hibernate, we celebrate!

An outdoor hot tub in the Okanagan can provide a welcome oasis when the mercury falls.

Here are some ways to enjoy the luxury of your backyard spa all year long:

Stay Warmed Up

Remember to close the tub with an insulated cover when it’s not in use. Some people also choose to use a floating thermal cover underneath this. Covering your spa will keep the heater from being overworked, and will also prevent evaporation. If you keep your temperature steady throughout the season and ensure that your tub is well-insulated, you’ll save an impressive amount on your energy bill.

Check your water levels and chemical balance, regularly, to make sure the tub is always ready when you are.

Also, remember that the jets and bubbles, while lovely, actually inject cold air into the tub, which cools down the water. Wintertime soakers might prefer to keep the jets off, to keep the temperature ideal.


Make a Clean Getaway

Pull out your snow shovel! You’ll want to make sure the path to your tub is clear, remember that those little drips can make the walk slippery. You should also regularly clear the snow from on top of your cover, using a soft bristle broom: the snow can get heavy as it piles up, and can also damage the fabric of the cover.

A little bit of hard work before you put on your bathing suit means you’ll be well-rewarded when you slip into the steamy bubbles.


Thirsty Thermal Therapy

One of the less popular things about cold weather is how it makes us prone to colds and the flu. Outdoor hot tubs are an excellent way to get rid of chills, refresh achy muscles, and clear away a cough. The steam can help loosen congestion in your lungs and sinuses. Gentle exercise is also better in the hot water –yoga and stretching feel great when your muscles are warm.

Wear a hat and keep a robe and sandals handy, so that the warming benefits of the water don’t evaporate when you get out.

It’s very important to remember that sweating in a hot tub can be dehydrating. Drink plenty of healthy liquids, during and after your soak!


Snowy Social Scene

You may or may not want to let your friends know that your backyard is still bubbling throughout the winter. You could have a lot of busy evenings, entertaining friends! Spas, no matter the season, offer a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of others (everyone is happy in a hot tub!). Whether your hot tub party is big or small, be prepared to make some great memories with wintry get-togethers in the water.


Do you want to enjoy these Okanagan winters from the warmth of your new hot tub?

Contact Interior Pool & Spa today, and we’ll help you start bubbling.